One Cole Condos Is On TV!

A few months ago, maybe almost a year ago now, the entrance of One Cole Condos, at 25 Cole Street, was taken over by a TV film crew, and a “St Stephen’s Hospital” sign was erected on the bench.

Walking out of the Condo that day was a little different, to say the least.

Fast forward to last weekend – my girlfriend and I were, randomly, watching a CBC show called “Cracked”. Now when I say randomly I mean that we weren’t specifically looking for this scene, we we’re just watching a show. During the show, there was a scene where the main characters are leaving “St. Stephen’s Hospital” and the background of the scene looked very familiar – we instantly recognized it.

The picture above is from the scene, and the background is our very own Regent Park.

You can find the full episode, featuring One Cole Condos, on the CBC website here:

Watch the whole episode, or fast forward to about 15:20 into the episode to see the entrance of One Cole Condos.

If you want to know more about One Cole Condos, check out the One Cole Condos page on our website.