Regent Park Phase 3 Brings Great Things

Regent Park Phase 3

On May 14th 2014, the Daniels Corporation & TCHC started Phase 3 of Regent Park, including the beginning of the demolition of the Phase block.

So what’s next in Regent Park Phase 3?

I was already excited and content with the Aquatic Center, The Arts & Cultural Center, FreshCo. the new park which will finally be open on June 21st attached to Nelson Mandela school, but then came the announcement of the new athletic grounds. A partnership with MLSE … What???

The new athletic ground in Regent Park Phase 3 will feature a refurbished hockey rink, where the current south rink is located on Shuter Street, a new basketball court, a new soccer & cricket pitch and a running track for the Regent Park residents to use.

That is amazing, I’m so excited as there is nothing like this in the city, in fact I am already thinking about how we are going to get time on all these fields.

The whole Regent Park has been such a controversial project, there are good , bad and horrible opinions, however I live here and it reminds me of NYC and I love it, the mixed living, bringing so many cultures together. I love the PaintBox condo that is filled with young energy at any time of the day, and now the new One Park Place is occupied and has totally surpassed my expectations of amenities… Trust me they are amazing, the newest of cardio equipment, and an abundance of free weights, and a squatting rack, aka Kim Kardashian Rack, in their over-sized gym. They have taken condo amenities to hotel amenities, and it is worth visiting.

FYI we are opening up a new brokerage right in the heart of Regent Park, so we would love to meet you and chat.